Helping to reduce the number of people living

with and dying from liver cancer in Ghana


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We are a Ghanaian Nonprofit Organization that was registered in Accra under the auspices of the Registrar General 

Although we are still a young foundation, we aim high and focus on a great target 

Incorporated in Accra under the companies Act, 1963(ACT 179) in January 2018. 


To reduce the number of people living with and dying from liver cancer in Ghana. 

To make treatment accessible and affordable for patients living with liver cancer in Ghana. 

To create awareness by educating the Ghanaian public on liver cancer. 

To support research into liver cancer that would lead to improved treatment modalities for patients living with liver cancer. 


As the need for liver cancer treatment and research continue to rise, the current economic situation demands that we find innovative ways to fund the establishment and development of liver cancer care in sustainable ways. 

The liver cancer foundation, Ghana seeks to provide education, accessibility and support to patients who have been diagnosed with the liver cancer disease. 


  • Establish Liver Clinics to provide clinical services to patients with liver diseases at designated centers across Ghana 
  • Develop a National Training Centre for Liver Cancer Services 
  • Establish a liver cancer registry 



Help, hope and opportunity

The Liver Cancer Foundation, Ghana seeks to mobilize national effort to change the epidemiology of liver cancers in Ghana and West Africa, through the provision of effective treatment to liver cancer patients as well as research and training of professionals for liver cancer care.

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