Liver cancer occurs in people who have liver diseases,

  • Hepatitis B – in Ghana, hepatitis B is a major risk factor for the development of liver cancer. About 13% of Ghanaians are infected with hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B can lead to liver cancer without cirrhosis.
  • Hepatitis C – Long-term hepatitis C infection are linked to liver cancer because they often lead to cirrhosis.
  • Alcoholic liver disease – Excessive alcohol intake can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, then progress to liver cancer.
  • Fatty liver disease – Obesity and diabetes are closely associated with fatty liver (A type of liver abnormality called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease-NAFLD) that may increase the risk of liver cancer, especially in those who drink heavily or have viral hepatitis.
  • Only rarely does cancer in the liver arise in absolutely healthy liver.
  • Genetic – Certain inherited metabolic diseases increases a person’s risk of liver cancer.