There are certain factors or conditions that increases an individual’s chances of developing liver cancer. Not everyone exposed to these factors would develop liver cancer, but the risk is higher than those who do not have the risk factors.

Chronic infection with hepatitis B virus. This is the commonest risk factor found in Ghana.

Chronic alcoholism. Excessive alcohol intake can lead to cirrhosis of the liver. HCC can then develop from the cirrhotic liver.

Aflatoxin – it is a chemical produced by a type of fungus called

Genetic mutation

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Liver cancer occurs in people who have liver diseases,

  • Hepatitis B – in Ghana, hepatitis B is a major risk factor for the development of liver cancer. About 13% of Ghanaians are infected with hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B can lead to liver cancer without cirrhosis.
  • Hepatitis C – Long-term hepatitis C infection are linked to liver cancer because they often lead to cirrhosis.
  • Alcoholic liver disease – Excessive alcohol intake can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, then progress to liver cancer.
  • Fatty liver disease – Obesity and diabetes are closely associated with fatty liver (A type of liver abnormality called nonalcoholic fatty liver disease-NAFLD) that may increase the risk of liver cancer, especially in those who drink heavily or have viral hepatitis.
  • Only rarely does cancer in the liver arise in absolutely healthy liver.
  • Genetic – Certain inherited metabolic diseases increases a person’s risk of liver cancer.