Can I get treatment if I’m diagnosed of liver cancer

Yes. There are several treatment modalities available in Ghana for liver cancer. Your doctor would advice the best treatment for you.


·      RADIO FREQUENCY ABLATION (RFA) – This treatment is meant for tumor or cancers up to 3cms in size. A special probe is used to burn the cancer cells in the liver.

·       SURGERY – part of the liver with cancer can be removed through a procedure called
hepatectomy or liver resection.


·      LIVER TRANSPLANT – For some patients, a liver transplant (replacement of the liver) may be an option if the cancer has not spread out of the liver. Liver tumors from 3 or 3.5cm in a diseased liver needs to be replaced or transplanted because there is a high chance of the cancer eventually coming back to the liver


·      TRANSARTERIAL CHEMOEMBOLISATION (TACE) – this procedure is used in patients whose cancer cannot be treated by surgery. The blood supply to the tumour is blocked leading to death of cancer cells.