Dr. John Bookwalter, a celebrated American surgeon and inventor of the “Bookwalter Retractor”, has generously donated a set of the same surgical device to the Liver Cancer Foundation Ghana to aid with liver surgeries in the country.
The Bookwalter retractor, which is estimated to cost around 15,000 USD, is a popular self-retaining retractor which is used to hold open abdominal incisions and helps to create enough space during abdominal surgery.

Image showing the Bookwalter Retractor

Upon receiving this noble and selfless donation by Dr. Bookwalter, the Liver Cancer Foundation has handed over the surgical device to the Hepatobiliary (Liver Surgery) Unit of the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital to assist with its daily operations.

The device will further be used by the Liver Cancer Foundation team and will greatly assist during its numerous outreach programs across Ghana.

Receiving the equipment on behalf of the Hepatobiliary Surgical Unit, Mr. Prince Amponsah, the lead perioperative nurse of the hepatobiliary team, thanked Dr. Bookwalter for his generous donation and expressed his gratitude to the Liver Cancer Foundation for the kind donation.


If you would like to learn more about the works of the Liver Cancer Foundation and the numerous ways in which you could assist us in our goal to fight Liver Cancer in Ghana, kindly visit our website on www.livercancerfoundation.org or get in touch with us through our hotline number (+233) 55- 2236- 561.

Dr. John Bookwalter (right) and Mr. Prince Amponsah (left)

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